May, 2024
PLAZA w/ Akanbi, Antunes, bambinodj, Femi, Sandor Dayala, TeePee, Unruly Phoenix, Willem Feltzer
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23:00 — end (door closes 4:00)

Ticket presale €18
Ticket door €19,50
Before midnight €12,50

After a hiatus of 2 years, The Hague’s PLAZA returns to GN with an invigorating lineup.

PLAZA emerged during the pandemic of 2021 when a group of friends from The Hague united by a shared passion for music decided to collaborate on a project. Their aim? To enrich the city's musical landscape. After years of creating, collecting, and sharing music, they carved out a space to release music, collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds, organize events, and nurture new talent.

For PLAZA, it's all about collaboration and camaraderie. Their inaugural mixtape, ‘Vibes Plaza 001’, featuring music by the founders, epitomizes this ethos and marks the first chapter of their journey. Now, they're expanding their circle and seeking fresh ways to enrich nightlife and culture through their events.