June, 2024
aural conduct w/ Noise Diva (live), Nour Sokhon (live), Jad Atoui (live))
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20:00 — 01:00

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Welcoming back Nour Sokhon to a label night. The multidisciplinary artist and composer has been performing extensively the past year, connecting audiences through her beguiling style combined with a political-sonic practice. Tonight, she'll present "Revisiting: Resisting Turbulence," an audiovisual performance extending her original collaborative project "Resisting Turbulence." The work delves into the aftermath of the Beirut 2020 port blast, Lebanese uprisings, and economic collapse. Through morphed interviews collected in collaboration with Myriam Bolous, and imagery taken by Myriam, Nour channels the ongoing struggle and collective desire for change. 

Noise Diva will also grace us live this night. Known for jolting dancers with her bass-heavy, percussive sound, and an active commitment to the Arab diaspora, she has become a renowned figure in Amsterdam and beyond, with productions ranging from the club-ready "Shar2i Drill" to the vital screams of "To Be Palestine" and "Darna (our home)." Her live set that she will be performing, also presented at Rewire last April, showcases a more stripped, textural side, reminiscent of her early experimental productions such as ''CanyouhearthEkaching??'', which was later released on aural conduct's Invert Dance compilation.

Adding to the evening's relationality, Jad Atoui will DJ throughout the night. Curious to hear his fine ear for complex rhythms, worm-like sounds, and highly detailed music. A common friend of the above two artists and a stellar musician, having performed alongside stalwarts such as Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Laurie Anderson.